Kim Reis Pilates and MELT

Kim Reis Pilates and MELT

Be Brave

by Kim Reis on 08/21/19

What is MELT?  Why do Pilates?  Whoa!  2 hours?  That’s a LONG class!  Are you kidding me?  These may be some of the questions popping into your head if you are investigating my class, Kim Reis Pilates and MELT, so allow me to explain…


MELT.  By simple definition, the tagline is that it is a self-treatment technique that erases the negative effects of aging and active living.  Sounds great and it is.  “But how?” you ask.  Good question, and one best served for another in-depth blog, but to put it simply, MELT does for your nervous/connective tissue systems what exercise (and Pilates) does for your musculo-skeletal system.  It is a series of moves done with specifically designed balls and a (soft) foam roller to hydrate the connective tissue and improve the function of the nervous system.  In doing so, we create better joint alignment and stability.  We improve the elasticity in the connective tissue so that we can increase flexibility in the muscular tissue.  I know that is all a lot to digest, but trust me, you need it and it feels good.  Just 10 minutes, 3x/week yields positive changes in maintaining the integrity of the neurofascial system.  You will feel better in your body.  Come learn it and you can practice on your own.


Pilates.  By now we’ve all heard of this and know how to pronounce it as opposed to when I first started teaching and people would ask me, “What is this PI-LATES thing all about?”  We all know it is about core strength and Pilates is where you focus on it the most.  We create strength, flexibility and control.  We stretch where you are tight and strengthen where you are weak.  We create balance.  We use the mind and connect it to your body.  Everything is executed with control.  You will gain energy instead of feeling beaten down and depleted.  Breathe.  Move.  Heal. 


Q&A.  In my decades of experience teaching Pilates mat classes, there are always the questions that come AFTER the class.  The ones out in the hallway where I try to find the time and space to address on an individual level the needs of each individual student.  What I have learned is that we can all learn from everyone else’s challenges and struggles.  This informal segment of class goes in-depth to try to answer those questions that we can’t address during the flow of the structured class.


So…yes, it’s 2 hours of information and experience, but you have the flexibility to come for any or all of any given class.  Only have time to MELT one day?  Come.  Can’t MELT, but can squeeze in Pilates?  Come.  Just need to know why you can’t Roll Up…yet?  Let’s work through it with some tips!  You get the gist… 


Here is my plea:  Be brave.  Trust the process, for it IS a process.  Yet in this process, I promise immediate results.  You will sense changes in your alignment on the spot through MELT.  You will breathe, gain energy and lay the groundwork for foundational strength with Pilates, and if you have burning questions, stay and inquire in our open format.  Commit to this and you will feel better.  Taking time for yourself will inspire you to make better choices.  You will hear the reasons to make positive changes.  Come.  You won’t regret it.


Still aren’t sold?  “Eh, what’s it going to do for me to come just once a week?”  Still feeling nervous?  “I haven’t exercised in a long time, and I’m not sure what I can do.”  I’ll tell you this non-threatening environment will supplement whatever else you do to exercise your body or serve as a ground zero to get you moving again.  As an open level class, I do my best to give modifications and challenges to keep everyone engaged.  You are in control of your body and I challenge you to make wise choices based on your personal level.  Something doesn’t feel right?  Skip it and ask me about in in the last half hour.  I could tell you to come because I’m a super nice person and my main objective is for you to feel connected, strong and empowered in your body, but that would be selfishly about me.  This class is about YOU.  We all have demons that tell us not to try so that we cannot fail.  They have no place in my class.  They serve no purpose unless you use them to gain motivation to try.  We all must dig deep to find the courage to be brave.  Be brave.  (But trust me, I’m not scary.)

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