Kim Reis is an amazing teacher.  As a yoga teacher with a strong sense of my body and anatomy, she kept it simple but to the point.  Her sunny personality and deep understanding of the body makes her a gift to both brand new students and those who have been working with their bodies for years.  Check her out at March Wellnes at the OHSU campus (open to the public) for her group mat and reformer classes.  She changed my yoga practice dramatically

~Lisa Walker-Feldman,  Portland, OR
I had considered trying Pilates for a while, but was nervous about getting on the equipment.  I had some experience with doing mat classes and just felt a little intimidated.  Anyway, Kim made it completely painless.  She makes you feel so at ease.  She started me out slow with all the basic moves and I couldn't wait to come back and do more.  I feel fortunate to have Kim as my instructor

~David Markham,  Portland, OR
Kim is an incredible Pilates instructor.  I first came to Kim about five years ago because I wanted regular Pilates training because of a bad back.  My back health has become markedly better since then, and I attribute it in large part to Kim.  Kim is a supportive, patient, and understanding teacher.  She works with you to achieve the results you want, and has a way of somehow getting you to do proper and effective Pilates exercises even if you are not naturally graceful or coordinated.  I also have seen Kim perform Pilates demonstrations and I know she is a master at what she does.  I would recommend Kim to anyone.

~Blake F.,  San Francisco, CA
I've worked with many Pilates teachers over the years.  Kim is the best!!!!!!!!  There are a lot of Pilates wanna-be's out there but Kim Reis is the real deal.  If you're looking for a true professional, certifed to teach Classical Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska (the lady known world-wide as Joseph Pilates' protege), then you will love working with Kim.  Kim possesses all of the qualities of a super star teacher:  stellar training and education, attention to each and every client and their unique abilities, and a warmth a charm that leaves you feeling like you just worked out with a good friend.  Portland residents are very lucky to have Kim in their city.

~Vandana B., San Francisco, CA
Having experienced hundreds of dance and exercise classes all over the world throughout a twenty year dance career, I can say with confidence that Kim Reis is the very finest of instructors.  She is exceptionally talented and dedicated, and approaches each class, each person, with an energy and a freshness that is truly inspirational.  As a teacher, Kim is organized, clear and concise, and entirely knowledgeable - as a person, she is sweet and kind and true.  If you want to study Pilates, wait until you have the chance to work with Kim.  She is simply the best.  

~Linda W., Dancer  New York City

It was a pleasure taking Pilates from Kim!  She has a gentle style, and personalized my workout around my injuries so that I could still get the full benefit of my Pilates sessions. She also taught my 88 yr old grandmother, and was so good with her as well.  My grandmother and I have very different needs and skill levels in Pilates, and Kim had no problem catering to each of our needs.  She is encouraging, understanding, and still makes you work hard so you don't cheat yourself!  The only drawback is that Kim no longer teaches in San Francisco, and I miss her!  She is one-of-a-kind, and a class act.

~ Robin B., San Francisco CA
Pilates with Hillary Scott and Greg Oden of the NBA Portland TRailblazers. Jennifer Kries videos starring Kim Reis.
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