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How Do I Get Started?

The MELT Method MUST be performed with the proper equipment. We use a soft roller to treat the soft tissue without causing inflammation. The therapy balls are specifically designed to vary the level and accuracy of compression. Use the link below to shop the MELT store. See you on the mat!


MELT dramatically reduces my aches and pains. It also relieves stress and anxiety. I feel like I've had a massage after I MELT.


I always say that MELT and Pilates are my doctors because they keep me feeling stronger, moving well, and balanced.

At the end of a MELT class, I feel more deeply connected to my body, and during the week between classes I notice that I feel more stable and grounded.

I have back pain. I started doing MELT before my physical therapy and find it is much more effective. One more tool in the toolbox!





This is a subscription based website offering Classical Pilates classes on all apparatus including an extensive array of mat classes. If you are interested in taking my classes more frequently and exposing yourself to top instructors in the field, consider becoming a member. Click on the picture below to sign up.

USE CODE:  KIM30 for 30 days FREE!

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