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My Background

Ever since I can remember, I've had the need to move my body and have always marveled at how the human body works. I started as a competitive gymnast and then switched to dance as my outlet while attending a performing arts high school. I received my BFA in Modern Dance at the University of Utah, and my passion for dance took me directly to NYC where my dream to perform with the Mark Morris Dance Group came true. 


During my 12 year stint in NYC, I had the opportunity to study and get certified to teach the Classical method of  Pilates with the great Romana Kryzanowska, a direct protégé of Joseph Pilates himself. I also studied closely with Bob Liekens and earned a second certification with Power Pilates. I simultaneously studied anatomy and kinesiology with Irene Dowd while hopping from subway to bus to teach throughout the city. From Equinox to NYSC to World Gym, as well as many boutique studios and corporate and private clients, I was a commuting genius and covered the city from top to bottom!

When San Francisco came calling, my NYC chapter came to a close. I moved there to perform with Flyaway Productions, an aerial dance company, and had the thrill of studying flying trapeze for a short time. I continued to teach Pilates at gyms, studios, and for the San Francisco Ballet. I also had the good fortune of studying body mechanics with Jean Claude West. When I wasn't working, I ran my first (and only) marathon, got a puppy, and made great friends. My time there was short but sweet.

Then it was back to my roots in Oregon. I fell right back into teaching, this time for the Portland Trail Blazers as well as March Wellness and Geometry Pilates. The honor of training professional circus professionals was a thrill while they were in town. After marrying  my high school sweetheart, I took a break from teaching to raise my two boys. It was during this time, however, that I decided to dive into my MELT training with Sue Hitzmann. Just as I started up again, teaching both MELT and Pilates, Covid-19 hit. While my in-person classes came to a screeching halt, I am so pleased to be teaching on Zoom and reconnecting with students near and far. I look forward to meeting you and seeing if I can help inspire you to feel better in your body!


2nd Generation Classical Pilates Instructor
Level 3 MELT Instructor

My Approach

I feel passionate about helping you feel better in your body. I believe in hard work. I believe in consistency. I believe in balance. I believe that when we help ourselves, we are better able to help others. I also believe in the honor system, and because of that, I restructured my pricing during the difficult times of Covid-19. When the world stopped, I wanted to keep everyone going. My mission was to teach without expectations. The pandemic affected us all in different ways and continues to have an impact on all of our physical, emotional, and financial, well-being. Even as we emerge from restrictions, I intend to keep a flexible payment system. My interest lies in you taking time for your own self-care. 

As of now, payment remains flexible. Rates are suggestions. Some students pay more, some pay less. I make no judgements but rather cherish the opportunity to help. Whether it's Venmo, PayPal, or a check, we can work it out. Come to class and give it a try. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!



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